Inspiration Monday #2

For this inspiration Monday, I’d like to talk about when our creative inspiration tends to strike the hardest. Or perhaps more importantly, where.

One thing I’ve learned is that as a writer, or any type of creative person, I’m often convinced that our ideas are conspiring to kill us. I mean, it’s practically full on, CSI: Creativity, up in my brain.

Think about the evidence.

When does a plot device tend to po
p into your head? If you said “while driving”, then you’re like me. But if you’re like me, or like any distracted driver, you also know that’s a very inconvenient time to have a eureka moment. Because what happens when we have a great idea? Well, we don’t want to forget said idea. But what also happens when you have a poor memory and thus a need to record the idea somewhere before it goes POOF? Well… you see where this is going. That whole texting and driving thing? Chances are, I’m not texting. Chances are I’m trying  to work the recorder on my phone because dammit there’s a brilliant nuance to my character that I just can’t forget. [Yes, obviously, this is bad. Bad bad bad.]

Where’s the second most inconvenient place but also the second most common place to suffer a sudden stroke of creative genius? If you said, “While I’m trying to fall asleep,” then you are also like me. When you catch me during what I call “peak creativity weeks”, aka those fleeting weeks where writer’s block is a thing of the past and new plot devices haunt you at the most inconvenient of times, you’ll often find me with a notebook next to my bed for sleepytime recording. Of course, waking up repeatedly to use said notebook so you don’t lose the idea by morning isn’t exactly a hindrance to insomnia. So now that sadistic jerk known as Creativity is using the sleep deprivation torture method.

And what is it about our brains anyway that they become most active in those moments when they’re supposed to be the most rested? The likely answer is, those are the few true moments when we have our thoughts to ourselves, and our thoughts get a little worked up, and go “WE HAVE HER ATTENTION, look what we can do, ma! WEEEE!” 

Finally, the third most common place to have a creativity attack? The shower. So we have to scramble soaking wet across a slippery tile floor to jot our ideas down while that bully Creativity points a finger and goes HAHA!


So my question for you is, when do your ideas strike? And how do you deal with them? Likely better than me, I’m assuming.

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday #2”

  1. We are very much so alike. My phone IS my significant other, his name is Bob and he shares my bed. I use the voice recorder to keep my ideas. I use napkins, receipts and other types of paper to write on in public. The idea of writing on my hand is a great idea.

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