Focus Friday #4

Hello Readers!

I promised a few more updates in July, and I didn’t want to disappoint!

Although, I have some disappointing news.

No, I did not win the writing contest I’d entered. However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t proud of my story (The Evolution ), nor does it mean I hold any ill will toward the winners, who had some truly deserving entries. Truth is, there were hundreds of very solid, well-written pieces, and the judges had a very difficult choice. As always, when faced with rejection, all we can do is keep on learning, and keep marching forward. On to the next!

To kick off the new (hopefully) onslaught of posts that are to come, I thought I’d provide a continuation of my story, Claret. The link to the first part is here: CLARET PART ONE

I apologize for another continuation, but I just can’t seem to put this bad boy to rest. As is often the case in the realm of writing, sometimes stories take on a life of their own. Like an incessant toddler, they scream for attention. We can appease them for a bit, but ultimately they’re going to cry out again until their demands are met. This story, it seems, is still in the throes of a protracted tantrum.

Without further ado, here’s Claret Part Two. Note that this is a far different spin on traditional notions of heaven, for those that might object to such things. I hope you enjoy this latest installment. It feels good to get back to writing again!


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Focus Friday #3 / Giveaway Winner Announced!

Hey Guys,

I apologize for the sparseness of my posts these days, but life has been throwing me for a loop, as it tends to do. First and foremost, I’m preparing to start a brand new job after 4+ years at the same place. Change is always a little scary, but exciting too, and it seems 2017 is going to be my year of change.

Bring it on.

That being said, I did not forget about the Writer’s Gift Basket Giveaway! The details of the contest were posted here:

I have to say that I received a lot of really good entries, and that I wish I could give something to everyone. But unfortunately there can only be one winner, and there was one prompt in particular that instantly got me excited to get writing.

The winner is Ellie P, owner of
Her prompt is as follows:

When the angel rang Claret's doorbell, she was immediately annoyed. He's early, Claret thought.

Congratulations, Ellie P! And thank you once again to all my readers, followers, re-bloggers, and contest entrants. You are all very much appreciated, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

My take on her prompt is below the cut (Part One of Two)


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Focus Friday #1

"The eye is literally the mirror of the soul. So when eye implants became more and more popular, people began to change." Prompt from Nemin32

For my first Focus Friday, I thought I’d write something based on a prompt that caught my eye on Reddit. I’m a big fan of using prompts as writing exercises. If you ever need quick inspiration, check out

I’m hoping this inspires you to complete your own exercise, maybe write a couple hundred more words of your latest novel, compose a haiku for all I care. As long as you’re putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Anything that gets you in the writing mindset is a beautiful thing.

Without further ado, my loose interpretation of the prompt is presented under the cut below. A fairly quick read that took only about an hour of my life to compose. Note that my interpretation is rather dark, for those who prefer lighter fiction.

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