The Daily Theme

Here at the Daily Rejection, you may notice a pattern of themes for each day of the week, as detailed in my inaugural post. To prevent the annoying amount of scrolling necessary to read the details of that post, I figured I’d pin the important stuff here for your reading pleasure.

Inspiration Monday – Post about anything that inspires you to write, to be creative, to think. This can be a good book, your favorite movie, a random act of kindness you might have witnessed, a YouTube video, whatever floats your boat.

Try It Tuesday – Create your own inspiration by giving yourself something more to write about. Try something new, be daring, be adventurous. Whether your idea of “adventurous” is skydiving, or just taking the long way home, it doesn’t matter. You do you, just “You” turned up a notch.

Rejection Wednesday – Post about your latest rejection. Share it with pride. It’s a writer’s badge of honor. These are the battle scars that will make your victory all the sweeter.

Excerpt Thursday – Share a favorite excerpt that inspires you, whether it’s from another author, or even something you wrote that impresses you. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with impressing yourself. In fact, I believe in doing it often.

Focus Friday – This is the day to write something, anything. Write 100 words based on a prompt, write another chapter of your latest novel, blog about the burrito you ate at Chipotle, compose a haiku. I don’t care what it is. Just WRITE.

Share It Saturday – Are you ready to submit your work to an agent or literary magazine? Then do it, for Pete’s sake! If your work isn’t ready, then simply share with a friend. Even if it’s just a one-paragraph excerpt. Get another set of eyes on that puppy! (Note that I most likely won’t be blogging for Share It Saturday, since I’ll be sharing my work with you on Focus Friday. But I greatly encourage you to let your own work see the light of day).

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